NEN-ISO 15705


Label (nl)NEN-ISO 15705
Definitie (nl)NEN-ISO 15705:2003 en - Water - Bepaling van het chemisch zuurstofverbruik (ST-COD) - Kleinschalige gesloten buis methode
Toelichting (nl)This International Standard specifies a method for the determination of the chemical oxygen demand (ST-COD) using the sealed tube method. The test is empirical and is applicable to any aqueous sample, which includes all sewage and waste waters. The method is applicable to undiluted samples having ST-COD values up to 1 000 mg/l and a chloride concentration not exceeding 1 000 mg/l. Samples with higher ST-COD values require predilution. For samples with a low COD, the precision of the measurement will be reduced and the detection limit will be poorer. Samples with a high chloride concentration will need to be prediluted to give a chloride concentration of approximately 1 000 mg/l or less before analysis.
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