NEN-EN-ISO 15681-2


Label (nl)NEN-EN-ISO 15681-2
Definitie (nl)NEN-EN-ISO 15681-2:2018 en - Water - Bepaling van het gehalte aan orthofosfaat en het totale gehalte aan fosfor met behulp van doorstroomanalyse (FIA en CFA) - Deel 2: Methode met een continu doorstroomanalysesysteem (CFA)
Toelichting (nl)NEN-EN-ISO 15681-2 specifies continuous flow analysis (CFA) methods for the determination of orthophosphate in the mass concentration range from 0,01 mg/l to 1,00 mg/l P, and total phosphorus in the mass concentration range from 0,10 mg/l to 10,0 mg/l P. The method includes the digestion of organic phosphorus compounds and the hydrolysis of inorganic polyphosphate compounds, performed either manually, as described in ISO 6878 and in References [4], [5] and [7], or with an integrated ultraviolet (UV) digestion and hydrolysis unit. This document is applicable to various types of water, such as ground, drinking, surface, leachate and waste water. The range of application can be changed by varying the operating conditions. This method is also applicable to the analysis of seawater, but with changes in sensitivity by adapting the carrier and calibration solutions to the salinity of the samples. It is also applicable to analysis using 10 mm to 50 mm cuvettes depending on the desired range. For extreme sensitivity, 250 mm and 500 mm long way capillary flow cells (LCFCs) can be used. However, the method is not validated for these two uses. Changes in sensitivity and calibration solutions could be required. Annex A provides examples of a CFA system. Annex B gives performance data from interlaboratory trials. Annex C gives information of determining orthophosphate-P and total-P by CFA and tin(II) chloride reduction.
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